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Executive Information System

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Business scorecarding and high volume reporting

The routine operation of the Open Options system generates for all employees, detailed records of all periods of Attendance, Absence, Sickness and Overtime. Other information detailing Productive and Non-Productive time along with employee tasks and activities is also produced if Activity Management or Workforce Scheduling is also deployed.

The Open Options database of accurate, time-related data is a unique source of business information that helps organisations to understand patterns of Attendance, Sickness Absence and Worked Time. And therefore to react quickly to adverse trends or variances against defined business metrics or KPI’s

Business Scorecards

Information is displayed graphically using on-line Business score carding techniques. Standard Scorecards are provided detailing trends in Attendance, Absence, Sickness and Overtime. These are accessed using a standard web browser.

Organisation and Departmental Views

All information is displayed initially at the Organisation level with optional selection of Departmental views.

Historical Graphical Trends

Standard Scorecard displays are provided for;

  • Holidays taken and remaining – showing daily, weekly and monthly trends.
  • Sickness – daily, weekly and monthly trends for user-selectable sickness categories.
  • Overtime by weekly and monthly trends.
  • Trends in productive, non-productive and lost time.
  • Flexitime accruals, time off in lieu (TOIL), contract labour utilisation.

Up-to-the Minute Information

The business score carding module can also be used to display up-to-the-minute trends, highlighting the current position concerning;

  • Attendance and absence levels
  • Subcontractor population
  • Reserve (Banked) hours
  • Lateness and holidays
  • Productive v unproductive work.
  • Flexi balance commitment.

Executive Information System Database

Historical graphical trends are produced from an offline Executive Information Database (EIS) which holds all of the historical, high-volume records of all employee time-related information. The EIS database is maintained automatically by the Open Options system for the sole purpose of supporting trend and KPI Reporting. It would normally reside on a separate database server to avoid conflicts in performance with the operational Open Options system.

Reporting using the EIS Database

The EIS Database is designed to simplify high-volume reporting from the Open Options system.The database would typically be updated daily with summary employee time details and would be offline from the main Open Options operational database. The EIS database is therefore an ideal source of high-volume, employee time data that is structured for third-party, industry standard reporting tools.

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