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Managing Access for Improved Security and Control

Access control is necessary to protect the workplace from unauthorised entry. Open Options Access Control can be used to protect your people, your workplace, enforce health and safety procedures or prevent casual theft. Additionally it can be used to control access to specific sites, departments, and other internal areas for authorised employees contractors or visitors.

In addition to security Access Control is less about managing numbers and more about implementing a system that works well and runs smoothly.

In a working environment that has a lot of footfall throughout the day, it can be a challenge to ensure that every person in the building is authorised to be there. Safety is of the utmost importance in a workplace and access control makes it impossible for unauthorised persons from accessing a building.

If there are particular areas of a building that are limited access, a simple sign on the door may not be enough to deter people. Access control is the perfect way of controlling traffic around a building and keeping private rooms private. If for example, a room contains live electricity or waste disposal, this is the best way to ensure that only authorised personnel can access it and keep others safe. This minimises the risk of accidents.

Access control helps employers to craft flexible working environments. Sign-in sheets and paper records of attendance can be unreliable and difficult to keep track of. For the sake of accuracy, businesses small and large are using access control to provide with a multi-use ID badge; clocking-in and time tracking becomes a seamless task. Every workforce can benefit from systems that make the lives of all involved easier. Providing staff with the same ID badge to be used universally across the access control system also makes administrative tasks less time-consuming.

Each access control system is easy to configure and integrate into the workplace. Time management is of utmost importance but should become an administrative burden. Access control, once installed, is a straightforward system to use and to pull data from. Changes can be made easily and with immediate effect.

Often, there is a misconception that access control systems are the reserve of very large organisations such as universities. However, a business with fewer people with a lot of activity benefits tremendously from putting a system in place and when growth occurs, it is simple to make changes to the personnel and information on the system.

If a company has a large workforce, take for example a warehouse where many different shifts occur, managing them manually can become impractical, inaccurate and time-consuming. With an access control system, the logistics of managing a large workforce becomes much simpler. Employees can work more efficiently and employers can avoid complicated administrative tasks.

Access control helps businesses to cultivate a good working environment, as employers are looking for easier ways to accommodate a flexible workforce. Alongside time and attendance management systems, access control gives the freedom over to organisations, large or small, to monitor clocking-in and improve workplace productivity. They improve accuracy of remuneration and removes what can become complex paperwork.

Entry can be restricted via perimeter or internal doors, turnstiles, lift doors, or car park barriers. Open Options Access control fully integrates with Time and Attendance and Activity management ad utilises the same ID badge as that used for clockings and activity bookings. A large variety of technologies are supported including bar code, magnetic and proximity badges, radio frequency tags and biometric readers.

We are committed to helping businesses of all sizes to improve their management solutions and systems of access and time tracking, to create a workforce that works efficiently and effectively.

Key Features

  • Protect the workplace from unauthorised entry
  • Control access to specific areas
  • Utilise the same ID badge as that used for clockings and activity bookings
  • Configure the system simply and quickly
  • Manage the large workforce
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